Pasitos de Luz is a locally based Charity here in Puerto Vallarta. Under difficult circumstances, they endeavor to support families from low income backgrounds and their children with varying disabilities, including: Cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, Consequences of Meningitis, Microcephaly , Muscular Dystrophy, Cry du chat, and Hydrocephaly.

The mission of Pasitos de Luz is to provide support for the children’s families so they can work, while knowing their special-needs child is receiving nutritional meals, therapy treatments, and special education during days filled with love and laughter. All services for the children are provided at no cost to the families. The facility receives extremely minimal assistance from the local government and relies almost exclusively on the generosity of donors.


Positos de Luz was founded in December of 1999 by Mrs. Yolanda Sanchez and this Civil Association was registered before the Notary on November 22, 2000. Yolanda is still the Director, with the help of all the wonderful volunteers.

Pasitos is a lifeline for the more than 122 families who rely on us to look after their children during the day.

These children often suffer from acute physical and psychological illnesses and many are unable to enter the mainstream education system. Furthermore, by providing a safe place for these children during the day, both parents are able to go out to work. This extra income is essential for many families who live on the breadline.

Pasitos offers a huge range of essential services, including physical rehabilitation, psychological care, nutrition and much more. They need your help, whether it is money donations, professional services, needed equipment or volunteers.

How You Can Help


While you are in Puerto Vallarta, why not plan a visit to see our facilities at Pasitos de Luz?

We are always happy to run tours of our daycare center so you can really get to see what happens first-hand. If you believe all kids deserve a chance then consider joining our volunteer team.  We are always looking for trained professionals, retirees with extra time or just someone wanting to make a difference.

It is not essential to have a good working knowledge of Spanish (although it helps) and if you think you can be of assistance please contact us via  for more information.

Regardless of if you have an hour, a day or an entire season, our team will welcome your assistance and find a place where you can share your talents.  We are certain you will find the experience inspiring and will want to return.


All donations, regardless of size, are greatly needed and will help us provide – FREE of charge – the care and services essential to the health and well-being of our children. The Pasitos families often live in extreme poverty, and even a basic level of care for their disabled child would be impossible for them to bear alone.  That is why your financial support is vital to these vulnerable children as a little will go a long way.

  • $10 will pay for rice and beans for all of our children for a day
  • $25 will pay for one child’s diapers and other hygiene needs for a month
  • $50 will pay for a trained therapist to work with a child desperately in need of help.


Donations are 100% Tax Deducable

100% Transparency – Your Money Goes Directly to the Children 


Help with Food and Supplies

Each month Pasitos needs to feed their kids and ensure that optimum hygiene levels are being kept. Here is a list of essential items that Pasitos de Luz needs each month to keep the center running. If you think you might be able to help us with donations in kind, contact them and let them know what you can get from this list.

Tell a friend! Next time they are out at Walmart, Sam’s, COSTCO, Soriana or Mega, maybe they can also pick up one of our stock items.

If you are interested in being part of our donor program for FOOD & SUPPLIES, please get in touch via All supplies of tinned food, household items and diapers (especially!) are very welcome, and can be dropped off here at Pasitos OR at Nacho Daddy in the Zona Romántica:

Nacho Daddy
Basilio Badillo 180
Emiliano Zapata
Tel: 322 223 0838

Needs List:


  • 1,200 lts. Drinking Water
  • 20 kgs. Cereal
  • 48 kgs. Beans (Frijoles)
  • 40 kgs. Oats
  • 12 cans Condensed milk “La Lechera”
  • 200 lts. Long-life Milk
  • 3 kgs. Tuna
  • 80 kgs. Rice
  • 120 kgs. Sugar
  • 80 lts. Corn Oil
  • 24 lts. Tomato Paste
  • 80 kgs. Fresh Tomatoes
  • 28 packs. Spaghetti Pasta
  • 8 kgs. Salt
  • 15 kgs. Mozzarella cheese
  • 6 kgs. Pancakes flour
  • 20 packs. Pasta
  • 2 kgs. Strawberry marmalade
  • 4 cans. Coffee “Marino” red.

Cleaning Supplies

  • 90 kgs. Powder detergent
  • 60 lts. Bleach
  • 10 lts. Floor cleaner liquid
  • 4 kgs. Dishwashing liquid.

Basic Hygiene Products

  • 120 packs. Wet Wipes
  • 60 packs. Diapers size Large and Extra Large
  • 80 rolls. Toilet Paper
  • 20 packs. Baby Powder.


How Pasitos de Luz Helps…

Pasitos de Luz provides a huge range of vital services from Monday to Friday completely FREE OF CHARGE. We offer these services so that families can continue to work knowing that their children will be given the care and love they deserve.


rehabilitation-80c5581cRehabilitation at Pasitos de Luz is an interactive learning process between the therapist, child and family, involving the implementation of procedures to achieve optimal results for the kids, taking into account their residual capabilities. Our aim is to achieve a better quality-of-life for both our children and their families.

Through modern physiotherapy and hydroptherapy, we have been able to achieve great results in the recovery of our children from acute illness, chronic sequelae and diseases.

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Educational Programs

educational-programs-1a1dffa9Pasitos de Luz is, for many of our children, a ‘home from home’ and an integral part of that home environment is our special education center. We currently have four separate classrooms for our special education classes:

  • Early Educational Classes
  • Autonomous Classes
  • Ability Classes
  • Reading and Writing Classes
  • Special Autism Classes/Mentally Ill

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Nutrition and Well Being

well beingPasitos de Luz prides itself on providing a balanced diet. All our children are served a nutritious energy-boosting breakfast, followed by lunch and a late afternoon snack before leaving. As some of our children can take up to 45 minutes to eat one meal, which we carefully supervise, it is essential they receive all the nutrients they need.

In order to assist with growth and to help treat some forms of malnutrition, often brought on by family ignorance and lack of eduacation, we revert to the use of special diatary supplements, helping to give our kids additional vitamins, minerals and to help some of them gain much-needed weight.

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recreation-612dac1fThroughout the year we have a variety of events to celebrate special days or just an reason to all get together, participate nad have fun. We find that it has been essential to our kids’ improvement to feel a sense of belonging, companionship and spend time with friends and family.

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Map to Pasitos de Luz



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